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Virtual Hawaii Teen Summit 2020

Sunday, November 8, 20205:00 pmWednesday, November 11, 20208:00 pm
Everyone attending must register!
Virtual Hawaii Teen Summit 2020

Your time will include some fun and exciting virtual programs designed to educate you about YOU! Answering some of those questions of adulting and building the skills to be an active participant in your community. You will have the chance learn, to talk story, interact with each other and just enjoy the fun activities planned, as well as build lifetime connections and friendships.
Program is designed for Teens 13-19yo w/bleeding disorders, carriers and/or immediate siblings in the same household.
Event hours: 11/8: 1pm-4pm, 11/9: 5pm-8pm, 11/10: 5pm-8pm, 11/11: 4pm-7pm